Zero waste and the circular economy

Zero waste and the circular economy

When SKIPZ Recycling was launched in 2022, it was with one goal in mind – the elimination of waste with a 180o revolution from the traditional ‘make, use, dispose’ mentality of linear economy. Through our joint venture with Delta Group, the largest processors of construction and demolition waste streams in Australia, our operations contribute to more than two million tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill each year. Our mindset of disruptive innovation moved the needle from waste disposal to zero waste, with the emphasis on recycling construction and building materials. Joined by likeminded, environmentally responsible partners, we have built a team who value planet over profit. With our eyes ever on progress, SKIPZ Recycling is at the vanguard of waste treatment technology.

Scope of the problem

According to a report from the Department of Climate Change, Energy and the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) in 2020/2021 Australia generated around 75.8 million tonnes (Mt) of waste, equating to 2.95 tonnes per person. The report states that building and demolition are the largest waste producers, at a time when Australia’s recycling rate remains stagnant at 60%. This means that, as an industry, we have the opportunity to make a significant change by employing regenerative rather than degenerative waste management practices .

Recycling solutions

SKIPZ point of point of difference in waste management is our aversion to contributing to landfill. Part of our waste recycling strategy is utilising state-of-the-art deconstruction, demolition, and disposal recycling treatments including concrete recycling, reclaimed architectural and furniture grade timber and scrap steel recycling. Collected soil, concrete, timber and metal, are processed through plant recycling facilities to remove impurities and then turned into high value, custom engineered building materials. These recycled materials are then channelled to civil construction and public infrastructure projects.

Working to a greener world

Recycling requires a significant commitment of time and resources but the rewards are worth it. We couldn’t achieve our goal of zero waste without the integrity and dedication of our staff and the support of our loyal customers. If you are interested in finding out more about our Resource Recovery and Eco Products visit our website or speak to one of our friendly sales team.
Together with our clients and business partners, we are working towards a greener, cleaner world – one skip at a time.

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